Lone rider tent

The MOTOTENT is a top of the line motorcycle tent built by riders, for riders. It has the strength and durability to handle the roughest environments. Lone Rider MotoTent and MiniTent were built by riders for riders.

Een lichte tent die naast slaapplaats voor personen ook een compartiment voor de motor. De MOTOTENT werd in 20uitgevonden door een bende avontuurlijke bikers tijdens een trip van Peking naar Parijs. The not-so-alone, Lone Rider tent test – Visordown is the world’s fastest growing motorcycle website with all the latest motorbike reviews, . Motorcycle See how easy it is to set up the.

Reviews of the Lone Rider MototentTent. Plus Every camp site, retailer, free classified ads, a message boar weather forecast, camping articles and newsletter . Having logged several trips over the last year with the Lone Rider MOTOTENT, I’ve had a chance to experience all the functionality this tent has . Lone Rider Mototent, the tent I used (not only) in Norway. Whether you are regularly camping with your bike or you are an adventurer with a taste for taking your. LoneRider MotoTent is no lightweight.

LONE RIDER – Adventure Motorcycle Equipment, Parijs.

LONE RIDER: The Motorcycle Tent MotoTent. His first product is calle The Moto Tent and the name of his business in called Lone Rider. Getting ready for a OBDR trip in June. I like the idea of these tents so I can stand up to get dresse put bike inside if I want, not have to unload. Motorcycle Camping with Lone Rider Tents.

For many bikers, motorcycling means freedom. Motorcycle camping is the ultimate expression of that freedom .

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